Commercial | Charlotte Wilson

Get Me Links

For the past two years, Charlotte has worked as a design consultant for Get Me Links, a SEO link building service. Working alongside the CEO Gary Wilson, Charlotte overhauled the content of the website which has now expanded to management of most media, including designing ‘The Link Report’ a digital report for SEO Agencies and Business Owners.

Promotional Material

Charlotte started on Get Me Links by refreshing the look of the product images, giving them a clean and consistent look throughout the website. This was to establish a change of brand.

The Link Report

The Link Report is a 20 page document designed for clients with in-sight to competitors and a comparison analysis, proving extremely successful with Get Me Links' clients.

Facebook Advertisments

A series of Facebook advertisments with a complete overhaul in design to make it stand out from the crowd, stripped back to basics with a bright colour scheme.

Christmas Card

Celebrating the holiday season, to send to Get Me Links clients - featuring a signature like font to give it a more authentic look.

God Gamer

A company made for Gamers by Gamers, God Gamer is a natural dietary supplement making its mark on the online gaming industry, with their staple product ‘Mind Hack’. Charlotte worked on the website, social media channels and partnerships with Twitch streamers.

Blog Posts

Charlotte was approached by God Gamer to create blog posts for their website. The brief was to tie this into the established brand, using the same colour scheme (blue and black)

Promotional Material

Further work included promotional images for their instagram - and other social media. The images ranged from edited photography to product shots.

Brand Consistency

She also worked on developing the logo to keep the brand consistent, which was done in the brands colours and is displayed on all promotional photography.

Twitch & Animation

Since sponsoring Twitch streamers, Charlotte has created animations to appear on the sponsored streamers twitch. These include gif overlays during livestreams.

Creative Spark

In 2017, Charlotte became a design intern for Creative Spark during her gap year in University. Creative Spark are a branding agency based in the bustling northern quarter in Manchester, UK. For the whole year Charlotte supported the company, working with the inhouse team of copywriters, designers and accounters to work with brands such as United Utilities, Ministry of Sound and more.

One of the main focuses of the year was the companies charity event, Little Print Shop of Horrors, inspired by famous horror movies. This year was a twist – any popular TV show was allowed with the theme ‘Netflix and Kill’, and Charlotte worked with the creative director, Neil, to create a print for Sons of Anarchy. This was sold online with other prints made inhouse and from creatives across Manchester, with the event running one night, with all profits going to the Huntington’s Disease Association.

Charlotte also worked on the Creative Spark social channels, creating an consistent theme and showcasing projects on Instagram, which had a large following. She also worked on uploading case studies to the website and editing images for United Utilities. Though her favourite job was to look after the office dog, Max.

Other Misc Projects

Charlotte has also taken numerous one off commissions, from logo designing, presentations, magazine covers and album covers.

The Sandalwoods, a Manchester alt rock band reached out to Charlotte to create a new album cover for their album ‘Pascal’s Wager’, which took homage to Andy Warhols iconic images for the front. The band released the album in early 2018. Charlotte worked directly with the band over a few months, going through multiple design stages to settle on the final cover.

Charlotte also does one off commissions for smaller and start up brands, doing a range of different jobs: to creating LinkedIn banners, product images, SEO logos and photography manipulation. Recently she has worked to create over 30 logos for PBN websites.

Company Logos