Animations | Charlotte Wilson

Chernobyl: Contamination City

Charlotte began exploring animation in her first year at university in 2015, for her final project for the year. Inspired by title sequences from her favourite tv shows, she wrote a brief to create a factual documentary intro inspired by the events of the Chernobyl Disaster. Taking inspiration from True Detective, Daredevil and Making a Murderer, which combined elements of double exposure, photography and stock photos.

Each transition was storyboarded in Photoshop then imported into After Effects, with the storyboards being taken from Charlottes own photos, license-free images and textures which gave the animation a old film feel. Greens and oranges were the main colour scheme, with scratches and dust particles animating over the top to incorporate the after effects of the explosion with the raidus of Chernobyl being covered in radioactivity.

The animation took a few months to complete, with this being Charlottes first introduction to animation, and what spurred her interest into incorporating it into her degree. Research was the main focus for the first few weeks, piling together photography and textures that would be incorporated into the animation. This animation is now used to show First Year students an example of a final project piece, and achieved Charlotte a 100% mark.